Free PMP Simulation Exams

Since you came here, it means you finished your PMP Study as we agreed in Nasergy Study Plan, Congratulations! Now it is time to practice, and as we agreed we need to solve 4-5 complete exams and score in any of them 80% in order to say we are ready to take the exam and pass from the first time.

 In this article I show you some nice exam simulators you can purchase any of them, but the surprise that don’t need to purchase full simulator, but what you can do it to take the free questions in each simulator to make 4-5 PMP exams so that you will try many exams from many different simulators (different exams schools) which is good experience to you.

But my advice is to take one complete exam at one set without cutting for long time of course you can take 10mins each 60 questions, but don’t solve some questions and then sleep, then some questions, then watching a movie… This will not work!

Take the exam. Keep focus. Get it done. Then find out your gaps to cover them in the next exam and so on.

Now I will let you enjoy solving the questions and I will be there for any support…contact me at my WhatsApp or email that mentioned in Contact us.

Mohamed Naser

1.  PM-Training (Free 200 Questions), Click Here

2.  Oliverlehmann (Free 100 Questions), Click Here

3.  PMP Practice Exam (Free 200 Questions), Click Here

4.  Simplilearn (Free 200 Questions), Click Here

5.  PM Exam Sim. (Free 100 Questions), Click Here

6.  PM Aspire (Free 200 Questions), Click Here

7.  Rita Fast Track (Free 25 Questions), Click Here

8.  PM Tricks (Free 24 Questions), Click Here

9.  Master of Project Academy (Free 20 Questions), Click Here

10.               EdWel Programs (Free 11 Questions), Click Here

11.               PM Training (Free 10 Questions), Click Here

12.               PMP Exam Prep “Mobile App. Daily Practice”, Click Here