How to Start the 6 Sigma Yellow Belt Course & Certificate

How to Start the 6 Sigma Yellow Belt Course & Certificate
Mohamed Naser

Kindly follow these steps to access the course and obtain your accredited certificate.
1-       Visit
2-       Create a new account
3-       You will receive an email with account activation
4-       Click on Courses
5-       Register to 6 Sigma Yellow Belt Course
a.       You can register to the English version.
b.       Or you can register to the Arabic version.
6-       You will receive an email with course activation for free.
7-       You watch the course and download the material, study and take your notes.
8-       Click on Quiz to start your simulation exam on Nasergy.
9-       If you got more than 70% in this simulation exam, you will be ready to take the final exam at point no.9
10-    Visit
11-    Click on Certification and then select Six Sigma Yellow Belt (SSYB™)
12-    Enroll and start the Course.
13-    Watch the course videos.
14-    After you watch the video, click on Chapter test and solve all the questions
15-    After that, click on my Exams
16-    Select Six Sigma Yellow Belt and schedule your exam
17-    Take the exam
18-    I will appreciate to tag me in your certification post on Facebook and LinkedIn:
19-    Communicate with me to tell you the next step, email:, +201024291777
20-    Congratulations
Thanks, and Good Luck,
Mohamed Naser