How to Get Your PMP Certificate

How to Get Your PMP Certificate

Mohamed Naser

Kindly follow these steps to access the course, take the exam, and obtain your accredited PMP certificate.

1-     Visit

2-     Create a new account

3-     You will receive an email with account activation

4-     Click on > Courses

5-     Register to PMP Course

a.      Do the register, payment of the course, and upload the payment voucher.

b.      If you already paid (or Got Discount Voucher), upload this voucher.

Contact me to get your voucher (WhatsApp: +201024291777).

6-     You will receive an email with course activation.

7-     Watch the videos on each chapter.

8-     Download the material of the course > Course > PMP > Material

a.      Study material which contains the summary of each chapter.

b.      Slides material which contains the lecture slides in pdf files.

9-     Take the quiz to start your exam on each chapter.

10- Start implementing this chapter in practice by accessing the PMP template > Free Material > Download.

11- Create a demo for your PMP by using Nasergy PMP Template > Free Material > PMP Application >Download.

12- Submit your Application demo to Nasergy ( or for review.

13- Visit PMI, create an account, access PMP application, fill in the application.

14- Wait for PMI Approval.

15- Pay for the Exam

16- Take the Exam

17- Congratulations


Thanks, and Good Luck,

Mohamed Naser